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Asset planning & inheritance planning

All of us regularly stand at an important crossroads in life, regardless of age, lifestyle or professional activity.

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Legal, tax and financial implications

We all sometimes make decisions that also have legal, tax and financial consequences.

Consider, for example, a marriage, the purchase of a home, starting your own business, a divorce, long-term illness or pension.

The sky-high inheritance tax means that more and more people want to optimally manage their wealth and want to regulate the succession thoroughly through asset and inheritance planning. In this way they ensure that the next generation can also optimally enjoy the accumulated capital.

Therefore, asset and inheritance planning is important to everyone.

When preparing balanced asset and inheritance planning, it is important to consider all aspects. A asset planner must therefore have a multidisciplinary knowledge of tax law, inheritance law, corporate law, etc.

That is precisely why Surplus works with experienced notaries and tax specialists to preserve, protect, organise, structure and transfer your assets. Do you have questions about the optimal management of your capital? Feel free to contact us.

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Benefit from our many years of experience in accounting, tax law, liquidations, start-ups and advice.

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Accounting is more than just a legal obligation. Clear figures will help you make crucial decisions and often offer insight into potential dangers or opportunities.

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